• Lugh O'Neill
  • C.A.N.V.A.S.
  • Lugh - H√ČLICO EP

  • 22 Hz within
  • composition for mobile speakers
  • dialogue - a perfect game of chance
  • on behalf of deterioration
  • the Veil of St Veronica
  • the dead by many firsts
  • speaker_1
  • the right tone makes the whole thing start to shake
  • piecing together
  • Composition for mobile speakers

    Pictures by Federica Simoni / Fabrica and Marco Zanin / Fabrica

    This work comprises a 4 channel sound composition played through 36 lightly suspended speakers; the speakers are animated due to vibrations from their output. A live sound creation is made from the interplay between speakers and their platform, and the composed sound's attempt at being heard.