• Lugh O'Neill
  • C.A.N.V.A.S.
  • Lugh - H√ČLICO EP

  • 22 Hz within
  • composition for mobile speakers
  • dialogue - a perfect game of chance
  • on behalf of deterioration
  • the Veil of St Veronica
  • the dead by many firsts
  • speaker_1
  • the right tone makes the whole thing start to shake
  • piecing together
  • 22Hz within

    Pictures by Federica Simoni / Fabrica and Marco Zanin / Fabrica

    This work exposes the duality of stillness and movement, sterile and living, quiet and resonant inherent in the preservation of an entity within glassware, by inverting the conventional separation of the 'within' and the 'without' of the container.